This Week’s NYC Art News

  • Animal New York provides a behind-the-scenes exclusive on “Project Robots” new art show in Bushwick, Brooklyn  [Animal New York]
  • 12ozProphet reveals new winter hat designs by Lower East Side streetwear brand, ONLY NY [12ozProphet]
  • Frank 151 introduces Stikstok, their newest art contributor from Stockholm who is notable for drawing classic mob movie scenes using only pen and paper [Frank 151]
  • Pop International Gallery announces Andy Warhol exhibit to be on display until January 10th, 2015 [Pop International]
  • Art F City allows clients to pre-order prints and calender from their own “Nude Artists as Pandas” collection [Art F City]

Adrian Bermeo, Attacking Art From Every Angle

Adrian Lee Bermeo, 24, is an emerging young artist from the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens. He began to immerse himself in the arts at the tender age of 3, stating that his first pieces of works were drawings of characters such as Tom and Jerry.

After being heavily influenced by Hip Hop, jazz, and funk, he began to showcase his art through various mediums. One of these mediums is apparel design. Presently, Bermeo is the sole owner, creator, and main artist of his clothing company, SnipCiti. Starting in February as an idea, by April it was an official trademark.

Displayed below are a few of his designs, which he says is inspired by his own New-York based photography.

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