25 thoughts on “Class VI + Thesis Statements (Post Here) + Diogenes + Notes

  1. A Samsung Galaxy S3 best represents comfort in the sense that it is very easy o use, you can call anyone if in ned of help, also it can hold a lot of memories.

  2. , in the sense that it encompasses the monetary value of what humans measure themselves as.

    (This post in a continuation of the first post. The first post was submitted by accident.)

  3. A laptop or desktop computer, or even wi-fi enabled tablets or smartphones in this day and age, serve as our gateways towards understanding. To me, my desktop embodies knowledge in the sense that it is the primary medium in which I use to learn and interact with the world of information that is open for all to use.

  4. Watercolors represent serenity in the sense that they allow the mind to transition into a state of equanimity, by focusing on exploring the different shades of color.

  5. A Crucifix is a representation of comfort for many religious people in the sense that when these individuals are in distress, they will turn to a higher being in search of psychological relief.

  6. A Star of David pendant represents comfort because it reminds people of their roots are, and what they are about.

  7. Medal, won in a competition, best represents ambition in the sense that it acknowledges one’s strong determination to achieve the highest /desired level of excellence.

  8. An old fifty-cent coin represents American history in the sense that it stands as a symbol of my pride in collecting a piece commemorating one of the greatest presidents, and being able to keep it in my wallet as a memory of my father.

  9. My Cat Doll is a representation of luck in the sense that in the Chinese culture, a cat with a paw besides its face is a symbol of good upcoming and fortune. From past experiences, it is also my personal good luck charm.

  10. A 24-speed hybrid bicycle made by Cadillac may not seem like much to anyone else, but my bike has stayed by my side through thick and thin. This bicycle represents strife and it reminds me to never back down no matter what obstacles get in my way.

  11. A watch literally tells time, while simultaneously providing a sense of comfort and solace;Comfort that derives from the love from which it was given.

  12. A black Air Jordan shoebox that acts as a memory box best represents nostalgia. It holds certain objects that remind a person of the past and gives him/her the desire to revisit previous events and emotions that occurred.

  13. A car best represents determination and sentiment, in the sense that buying one involves a lot of hard work which in turn makes you feel a certain way about it.

  14. An iPhone best represents comfort in the sense that as long as its battery is charged, I have top-tier functionality in communication, information, and entertainment in the palm of my hand wherever I go.

  15. A college notebook consists of information and ideas that will aid the pursuit of a purposeful education, therefore, it best represents success.

  16. My football represents beauty in the sense that it brings out some of the most exhilarating and breathtaking catches, runs, and tackles. It also represents beauty in terms of the human body doing these acrobatic feats, and brings out some of the best in human nature, such as leadership and selflessness.

  17. A laptop represents knowledge in the sense that it serves as a network between doubts and understanding, by means of connecting its users to an array of the world’s answers.

    – G.E.M.

  18. An engagement ring represents a promise, a commitment between two individuals to marry that may be kept or broken.

  19. A backyard is a great indicator of happiness as one may partake in a great number of memorable moments and encounter joyous experiences upon being there.

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  21. The thought of punishment for ones own beliefs is heart wrenching. According to Albert Camus in “The Myth of Sisyphus,” from The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays written in 1945, the gods thought that the most dreadful punishment for Sisyphus was an eternity of “futile and hopeless labor” (pg. 75). In actuality, the severity of ones punishment varies from person to person. In this case, Sisyphus, the lord of the underworld had a hatred for death, so his damnation in the underworld had not really been damnation at all. He overcame the rock and was “superior to his fate”, this is easily defined by the way he pursued the rock once it rolled to the bottom of the hill, taking “heavy yet measured steps” (Camus, 76-77).

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