Class VII + Diogenes Notes I + Assignments

CLASS 7. 2 25 2013

ENGL 2150 CLASS VII notes. 2252013

Please pay considerable attention to these notes and attend to your thesis statements; remember to bring in a list of search terms based on the terms that concretely summarize and represent, both, your object and chosen abstraction.

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  1. The “good life” is a composition of a successful career and frequent coitus. A successful career is not just a career that provides a six digit salary, but it is a profession that you would enjoy doing everyday. Coitus would frequent at least four times a week and it would not just be regular intercourse. There are various ways to engage with your partner.

  2. The “good life” is to be free. Free to love, free to be happy and free to live as you wish. The “good life” also consists of mental, emotional, and financial stability. The “good life” is to have family and friends that love, support and care for you. To go on vacations, to explore the world, to swim in beautiful beaches and to be able to surmount change are all aspects of the “good life.”

    – G.E.M.

  3. The “good life” refers to a person who has no conflict in his/her life at all, which doesn’t exist. It consists of having perfect family members who never fight, wealth beyond the “just enough to get by” line, and no flaws in oneself (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.). The “good life” is the ideal life that cannot be obtained because all life has a balance of both good and bad sides to it.

  4. “The good life” is being financially stable with a disposable income because everyone (in America) has a desire for impulsive purchasing that needs to be sated, so satisfaction is granted on that front. Having very little to worry about, or as few obligations as possible is a given since no one enjoys being compelled to do anything because this cuts into alone time, which is a necessity for me. Probably the most important requirement for “the good life” is to have friends that also meet the previous requirements of it so that you can spend time with them, play games, and roll in money.

  5. The “good life” is being happy, having peace of mind and both financial and emotional stability. Happyness is being able to enjoy life no matter what situations one has to face. Peace of mind helps keep one stress free, knowing that everything will work out. Financial and emotional stability helps support the happyness and peace of mind that one needs to have a “good life”.

  6. The “good life” is a life that pursues happiness, one that is appreciative of the existence of others such as friends and family members, and one that has its own individual purpose or goal. A “good life” is also fearless and accepts sorrow because there cannot be a “happy life” without first having a measure of sadness.

  7. The “good life” is having a healthy family, in terms of general health, which also includes mental health. This life is about never having to worry over finances and money ever again. This clearance of anxiety will allow one to be more emotionally stable since stress over finances are detrimental to one’s health. Many include materialistic items, such as sports cars or mansions, to be an important aspect of living the “good life.”

  8. The “good life” is when you find love. When one finds love, then he can truly say he has lived up to his potential in life. We find love in people. Spending time with the family who cares about you and that significant other that shares that feeling. We find love in what we do. That passion is the only way to drive one to success. Plus if you love what you do, then you never worked a day in your life. It makes going to work everyday, an enjoyable day. Lastly, love is what ties this world together. The community service is what makes a poor family’s day for giving them food and clothes.

  9. I believe the “good life” is as simple as being completely content with what you have. This includes a job that does enough to support the whole household, healthy, loving friends and family, and material goods. A good life shouldn’t be complex in its nature- it is nothing more than however we perceive our lives to be. If we constantly believe our life needs more to be fulfilling, then we will never be able to completely attain the “good life.”

  10. Kanye West said that the “good life” is a life with the “new v”, “ferrari”, “style” and “women”. Well, my definition of the “good life” would be in a way similar to his. Owning material things like clothes, jewelry, fancy cars and a big house can bring satisfaction (not necessarily happiness). On the other hand, being financially stable doesn’t always mean life is “good”. You need friends, family and partners to provide something that all humans need, love. People who say, “money can’t buy you happiness” is quite right. For example, if a lonely rich man is living in a mansion with every material thing he could ask for, but has a gold-digging beautiful young wife that could care less about him, can you really say he’s living the “good life”?

  11. The life is good when you and your family members are in a good mental and physical health; when you have financial stability that makes you feel safe and gives certain freedom. It is when you have someone you love and you are genuinely loved in response. When you are free to do what interests you: you have a job you like, enough time for hobbies, travelling and exploring of the world. Life is good when you develop, learn new things, conquer Everests and your achievements receive due recognition. In other words, a good life is composed of a great number of elements that are like bricks, have to be put and fused together to form a stable construction. If a single one is missing, the whole “building” is likely to become shaky and even collapse. What I’ve described is similar to the Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where an individual cannot move on to the next level and achieve the highest possible point in development, while some needs from the lower tiers are not satisfied. Therefore, I would also define a good life as satisfaction, when nothing troubles you, leaving mind and soul in peace.

  12. The good life is one where an individual does not have too much to worry over. This life is constituted by good health, wealth, and hopefully happiness. The explicit virtues of this phrase may vary by region and culture, as standards can vary in different areas of the world. When living the good life, it is implied that an individual is content with their status and achievements; whatever their standards and achievements may be.

  13. From a personal point of view, the “good life” consists of family, health, and satisfaction. Family is a very important aspect of living a “good life” because it has a great influence on who a person becomes, it shapes ones’ identity. Health in correspondance with family is equally important, it holds an immense amount of weight on having overall satisfaction because family is nothing without health and vice versa. In all, family, health and satisfaction go hand in hand, one will cease to exist without the other in terms of leading the “good life”.

  14. To live a “good life” is to live with a combination of both happiness and success. Success in life permits the ability to live a luxurious life while at the same time do things you enjoy. Living the good life is doing what you love to do and being rewarded by it with wealth and success.

  15. The “good life” is a combination of having close and trusting relationships with people, and having a job that you enjoy doing. By close and trusting relationships, I mean have people that you can rely on and that you know will always be there for you when you’re in need of anything. Also, having an enjoyable job that allows you have disposable income is a huge aspect of the “good life”. A life free from the strain of bills or debts would eliminate a large amount of stress in anyone’s life.

  16. “The Good Life” something we all strive for, it has many different meanings to different people. Being wealthy, healthy, having a family who’s always there for you, also achieving our goals can be a way some people can view the term good life.

  17. The “good life” to me is an amalgamation of security, good health, and love. Security refers to financial success, not having to worry about necessities, and being able to afford luxuries. Good health is not only of the physical variety, but of the mental state as well. Love should come from friends, parents, siblings, relatives, a wife, eventually children and grandchildren, and love of my own self. One who is living a “good life” should also be able to appreciate everything, as opposed to taking it all for granted – otherwise that person’s life wouldn’t mean as much, let alone be “extraordinary”.

  18. As much as I would love to say living the “good life” doesn’t have to consist of having materialistic things, I believe it does. After one has happiness, health, family and friends, he will most probably work to achieve the second part of the “good life” which is buying his own house, a nice car, vacations, and high end clothing. There’s a good chance that the second part of the “good life” will lead to having friends, being happy and possibly even healthy.

  19. The “good life” is the fulfillment of the desire(s) that a person feels. Trying to buy that new car, and/or saving up to buy a bigger house are examples of fulfilling the materialistic desires of a person. But, it could also be raising a healthy family, hanging out with friends often, and/or growing old with a loved spouse. It depends on the person at hand.

  20. The “good life” is the ability to sleep in and forget any obligations you may have. The “good life” is also freedom to attain knowledge of all the things that interest you, without any limitations. The “good life” is the ability to appreciate the small details in life like enjoying a breeze, without the thought of chasing money festering you subconsious.

  21. A successful career is not just a career that provides a six digit salary, but it is a profession that you would enjoy doing everyday.

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