Undergraduate Research Opportunity (Lab Openings)

The Occupational Health Psychology Research Lab in the Department of Psychology, under the direction of Professor Erin Eatough, has two (2) openings for undergraduate research assistants starting this fall. Research assistants would be helping out on studies investigating the role of callings, or feeling called to one’s work, as well as studies on injustice and unfairness in the workplace. The purpose of these studies is to better understand how these factors influence job attitudes, emotions, and the psychological health of employees.

Research assistants need to be able to contribute at least 6 hours per week. RAs would join the lab and work with graduate students as well as Professor Eatough. RA’s will gain experience recruiting subjects, collecting data, and managing databases. There may be opportunities to present the research at conferences if you are interested.

To be considered for an interview, please send your resume or CV (please include your GPA), as well as a brief (<350 word) statement of interest, and the days and times of the week you are available this fall.

You may send your materials to EatoughLab@gmail.com