Publishing In A Journal

Hello everyone,

I received an email from the Psych department at Queens about submitting articles to The Undergraduate Research Journal at UCLA. I was wondering if any of you, have submitted your work to a journal. I believe this is a great opportunity for any student.  The deadline for submitting work in January 20th, 2013.

Here’s the information:


Have you recently completed a research paper in a psychology-related field? Looking for a platform to broadcast and publish your work? If so, the Undergraduate Research Journal of Psychology at UCLA (URJP) cordially invites you to submit your papers for our inaugural publication, expected to be published in Spring 2014. URJP is an annual publication of collaborative efforts between students at UCLA and neighboring universities, which publishes undergraduate research in psychology and psychology-related fields (i.e., neuroscience, linguistics, and cognitive science) as long as the papers:

*      Are original work completed by undergraduates

o  Includes senior honors theses, independent research projects, literature reviews, theoretical papers, and other scholarly writing

*      Have never been published before

*      Fit the attached submissions criteria

Even if you have not completed an independent research project and don’t have access to usable data, we STRONGLY encourage all undergraduate students to take a look at our “stepping stone” and “review article” submission types. These submission types are relatively short in length (around 7 pages) and DO NOT require access to data. These offer very unique opportunities for students to publish work as undergrads!

The deadline to submit papers for publication is January 20th of 2014. Multiple submissions from one author are welcome. If you would like to submit an original research article for review and consideration for publication, please complete the following instructions:

*      Read the attached submission criteria

*      Attach a word and pdf copy of the article in an email to<>

*      Remove any identifying information (such as author and institution name) within the research paper, to ensure anonymity within the selection process

*      Include your full name, paper title, telephone number, and preferred email address in the body of the email message

If you have any questions or concerns about the submissions process, please contact us at<> for further information. We look forward to reading your submissions!