Thank You Letters

Hey guys,

So we’ve had a couple of amazing and informative guest speakers come in to talk to us about their graduate school programs. And I remember Mindy telling us about how it would be a great idea to email a thank you note to any one of them who made an impact on us, as it would be very useful for us to have our names implanted in their memory when we’re applying to their programs! I especially enjoyed Dr. Sommo’s from NYU Silver School of Social Work and Dr. Harold Goldstein’s of the Baruch College Masters in I/O Psych talks. I hadn’t considered clinical social work, but after listening about how versatile the degree can be with the many areas that clinical social workers can work in, I am now looking into that. Also, I was always quite hesitant about even going near I/O Psychology, but after hearing Dr. Goldstein talk about it can be a very powerful tool for developing a more diverse workplace, I realized how amazing it actually is. Even though it is about working for the company, it is amazing to hear that there are some I/O psychologists working on making job applications that do not just target the “light male.” So in thinking about emailing these two doctors thank you notes, I searched online on how to write thank you notes to guest speakers and I found these useful websites. Some talk about how/when to write a thank you note to a guest speaker or professionals in general, such as after a job, internship, or graduate school interview, which can be very useful for us to know in the future!

General Thank You Notes:

For Grad School Interview:,d.cWc