A new leaf

Hello, my name is Michael Chin.  I can be described as a relaxed and laid back person.  I try not to stress my self out when problems occur and always keep a cool head in pressure situations.  I love food and also love to play handball.  One experience or recurring experience that shaped who I am is the camping trip I always go on every year.  I go with my father and his friends up to the Adirondacks and camp at Saranac Lake since I was 5.  The experience is enlightening in a way as I am away from technology.  I have no TV to stare at or computer to use.  I get to experience nature the way it should be.  Almost every night has a sky filled with stars and is illuminated by the moonlight alone.  The many years that I have been camping for makes me appreciate what I have.  I try not to bicker or fuss when I’m frustrated.  I  just try to look at situations from a different perspective and try to solve a problem in an unorthodox way.  Going camping has made me resourceful because when I am in the Adirondacks I have to cut my own wood, start my own fire, and pitch my own tent.  I just try to do what I have to do to succeed in life.

I know it is cliche but starting college is really like turning over a new life for me.  A good example would be the question many people ask another as freshman, where did you go to school for high school.  I would sadly answer University Neighborhood High School.  It is pretty much a fact that no one knows where this school is or what it is.  I would always answer a school in the lower east side then almost everyone answers with Oh and then goes silent.  Lets just say I am embarrassed about my school and could be described by this.  Yes, that is my school in the video and the student mentioned in the video was not just stabbed but stabbed in the butt from his bestfriend.  That was the kind of school I went too but it was not always that bad.  It wasn’t great but I still met good people there.  Sadly over the summer I had a falling out with my friends many of which go to BMCC.

What i expect from college is to meet new people and to learn new things.  I expect to be challenged and for my mind to be stretched.  I know my workload with significantly be increased from high school but, I am okay with that.  It is time for me to start a new part of my life and to take that step I need to take for the future.


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