Journal # 1- Karishma Ruparel

Journal #1

 I arrived in the United States at the tender age of eight, and the cultural diversity to which I have been exposed has been a truly rewarding and fulfilling experience. Although New York City is referred to many as a concrete jungle, my first taste of the “Big Apple” has helped me appreciate people who hail from backgrounds dissimilar to mine. I attribute my love for dining, travelling and mentally stimulating experiences to this culturally invigorating city. If I were given an opportunity to describe my persona in merely three words, the adjectives I would use are: persistent, painstaking and passionate. I try to approach every task with a certain degree of diligence and my dogged persistence helps me overcome impediments. In Townsend Harris High School, I was given an opportunity to conduct research in the Mount Sinai School of Medicine under three medical professionals in the field of ophthalmology. Having focused so heavily on the sciences in my high school, I am eager to discover the field of business in my schooling at Baruch College. Over the summer, I attended the Youth About Business Camp at Columbia University and the memories, knowledge and skills that I developed in the basic and championship camp is sure to help me in my classes at Baruch. The most interesting aspects of Finance, according to me, is investment banking and someday, I hope to carve a niche for myself in the business world. At Baruch College, I aspire to broaden my horizons by becoming actively involved in campus affairs, building my professional network and giving back to the community.

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