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The next three years

The cultivation of the community service project has been an eye opening and truly invigorating experience. Having learned about the human connection that embodies the service and the myriad of ways in which one gesture of kindness can reach out to an entire group of people that live below the poverty line, I look forward to putting the theories into action and beginning the project in the Spring of 2012. The club that I am currently an active member at is called the Finance and Economics Society. The resources provided by this club is unparalleled by any other as it not only informs students about the various internship opportunities in the realm of Finance but also conducts workshops that elucidate business terms that we often hear about in the media. I have attended three workshops hosted by this student organization and hope to gain a competitive edge while studying the subject matter taught in my Business 1000H class. In the course of the next three years, I hope to truly broaden my horizons by venturing out of my comfort zone. At Baruch College, I wish to continue conducting community service as the aftermath is a truly gratifying and self-fulfilling experience. Moreover, I hope to set an example for the new influx of students entering the Baruch Scholars Program. By taking initiatives, responsibilities and carrying out my duties as an individual in the community and student at the broader Baruch College, I wish to encounter people who will continue to inspire me and help me reach my potential. I truly wish that the next three years equip me with the skills that I need in the realm of business. Lastly, I hope to secure summer internships that will allow me to apply the theoretical knowledge gained from my courses at Baruch to truly translate them into concrete terms. I am certain that the next three years will be pleasant, stimulating and challenging but in the end, truly rewarding as the Baruch Scholars program provides its students with the attention and opportunities they need to succeed.

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What does it mean to serve your community?

The word “community” entails not only a group of people living together in a particular environment but also a sentiment that the place one inhabits is associated with a “oneness” and sense of belonging. The act of giving encompasses both intangible and tangible things. While some individuals choose to donate money and resources, others may devote their time and services. Surely many individuals have engaged in some sort of a tangible and intangible exchange but it takes a philanthropist and a person with gratitude to give back to the community. As a student at Baruch Scholars I feel highly privileged to receive the special time, attention and services of the broader college and find myself wanting to give back to the community as a token of my appreciation. I believe that my role in the university is to allocate my time and services to not only the coursework that needs to be completed but also those individuals who may not have the same opportunities that a scholar at the university is provided with. I wish to join the undergraduate student government and make the college an enjoyable experience for the student body while fostering an environment that is conducive to learning. Serving one’s community goes beyond wishful thinking. Although the conceptions of the greatest tasks stem from one humble thought, one must realize that a considerable amount of time and dedication is needed to truly serve the community. The Honors Program at Baruch College promotes a culture of service and my role in the broader community and in Baruch College is to show my appreciation by volunteering and setting examples for students from all walks of life. I hope to accomplish my role as a Baruch Scholar for philanthropic purposes so as to set an example for my peers and build a foundation of gratitude that will encourage others to follow in the footsteps of all the scholars at Baruch College.

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Journal # 1- Karishma Ruparel

Journal #1

 I arrived in the United States at the tender age of eight, and the cultural diversity to which I have been exposed has been a truly rewarding and fulfilling experience. Although New York City is referred to many as a concrete jungle, my first taste of the “Big Apple” has helped me appreciate people who hail from backgrounds dissimilar to mine. I attribute my love for dining, travelling and mentally stimulating experiences to this culturally invigorating city. If I were given an opportunity to describe my persona in merely three words, the adjectives I would use are: persistent, painstaking and passionate. I try to approach every task with a certain degree of diligence and my dogged persistence helps me overcome impediments. In Townsend Harris High School, I was given an opportunity to conduct research in the Mount Sinai School of Medicine under three medical professionals in the field of ophthalmology. Having focused so heavily on the sciences in my high school, I am eager to discover the field of business in my schooling at Baruch College. Over the summer, I attended the Youth About Business Camp at Columbia University and the memories, knowledge and skills that I developed in the basic and championship camp is sure to help me in my classes at Baruch. The most interesting aspects of Finance, according to me, is investment banking and someday, I hope to carve a niche for myself in the business world. At Baruch College, I aspire to broaden my horizons by becoming actively involved in campus affairs, building my professional network and giving back to the community.

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