Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?

I was a whole different individual. I wasn’t a college attending, studying honor student, but a rebellious average teenager. I never liked being graded and felt restricted by school from living my life. I did not like the fact that I was still a student and had to live like a student. I believed that without going to school you could still succeed as long as you are enjoying what you are doing.  I wanted to live my life like a rock star, carefree, just doing what I love doing. I was sleeping, I was dreaming, and I was foolish. I woke up from this dream when my Latin teacher called my parents regarding my absences in his class. I was going to get it. My mom picked me up right after she got that phone call and took me to my dad’s work place. My dad also got in the car parked on the sideway and it all began. My parents began to yell at me, “what were you thinking? How can you do this? Are you insane?” I didn’t care; I was just scared that they would kick me out. But the real wake up call came when my parents began to tell me about their work life, how much they had to put up with in order to just simply put food on the table and clothing on me. They could’ve stayed in Korea where they had much better jobs and status but by moving to America for my better future they gave up on their status and job for lower ones. My mother began to cry, I always hated seeing my mother cry and I began to hate myself for causing her to cry. Then my dad looked at me and said, “ Men with education can work in a nice, cool place during hot summer, and warm place during cold winter, but foolish men who didn’t pursue education work in a hot, uncomfortable place in summer and cold place during winter, suffering all year around. I don’t want you to become that foolish man because I am that man and I don’t want you to live my life.” This woke me up. As much as I respect my dad for all his hard work in his job I wanted a better job, I wanted to live a life of smart men who pursued education. I wanted to pursue higher education to make my parents proud and make their suffering worthwhile. Ever since that day, I studied harder than ever and desired success more than anything. Now I believe that education is the way to success and through hard work I will be able to earn success. My expectation as college student is through all my classes and activities in which college has to offer to make myself into not just a great successful man but also a well-rounded man. My hopes for first semester is to really make an impact and make that strong, steady corner stone in which I will build my college life and career upon.

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