[dropcap sid=”dropcap-1415130909″]V[/dropcap]ending machines have come a long way since the days of dispensing coffee, snacks, and sandwiches. At Baruch’s William and Anita Newman Library, where food and beverages are verboten, there’s a new type of vending machine—one that supplies notebook computers.

With a swipe of their ID card, Baruch students can borrow a laptop (either PC or Mac) for several hours up to a day. Installed on the second floor of the Newman Library earlier this year, the vending kiosk holds a dozen each MacBooks and Dell Latitude notebook computers.

Unlike the technology lending desk on the floor above, which has specific operating hours (although a greater range of lendable devices), the kiosk can be accessed whenever the library is open.

Baruch’s VP for Information Services and Library Dean Arthur Downing hopes that more vending machines will be acquired and placed at other locations throughout campus.

—Barbara Lippman; photo by Amalia Reinhardt