Rudolf J. Waldner (’88) has enjoyed a successful career in management and marketing, but he’s always found time to indulge his two favorite hobbies: travel and photography.

He’s a succeWaldner Polar Bearssful author, having published Marketing from the Trenches: Your Guide to Retail Success (Gotham City, 2009), and his latest work combines his professional career and personal hobbies.

The Corporate Jungle (Gotham City, 2017) is a remarkable collection of photographs Waldner took while on safari and exploring wildlife preserves throughout the world. In addition to the stunning photographer, Waldner draws comparisons between various animals and their corporate counterparts in the human world. For example: the lion is the Chief Operating Officer; vultures are humorously compared to lawyers; and wild dogs are sales managers. The comparisons are fun and informative, as Waldner combines both insightful business information with wildlife facts and breathtaking candid photography.

Waldner Zebra

From polar bears to warthogs, Waldner was able to capture a wide range of animals all over the globe. To compile the photographs, he traveled to countries including Tanzania, South Africa, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, and even right here in the United States. The end result is a fun and informative book that any nature fan (and anyone interested in understanding the corporate ladder) would thoroughly enjoy. Learn more here >


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