December 2, 2021 1:00pm Guest Scholar Evelyn Simien (University of Connecticut): “Historic Firsts in U.S. Elections”

Join the Baruch Black Studies Colloquium Dec 2, 2021 to learn more about the implications of recent historic and trailblazing elections with Professor Evelyn Simien, Department of Political Science, (University of Connecticut).  Professor Simien will be discussing her recent publication as well as previous work on the symbolic political empowerment followed by a live Zoom discussion. Please register here: to receive a Zoom link to this free event:


Student Engagement Opportunity:

Image by Student Artist

“I drew a black woman and an American flag behind her. It is supposed to represent the empowerment of people of color, specifically, women in America and American politics. The woman in the drawing embodies confidence within herself, she is ready for any challenge, and the flag represents not only the political aspect but also the very place where the struggle of intersectionality comes from. Yet, through empowerment, the black woman is able to stand confidently beside it and significantly contribute to American politics and strive to claim a high place in American society of which she deserves”— Work and Reflection by Student Artist, Lia Harutyunyan

Baruch College students are especially encouraged to respond with their thoughts with critical and creative responses ranging from poetry to drawings, photography, to op-ed style critical response 150-350 words max. The Black Studies Colloquium will select pieces to be posted to the BSC Blog as part of a multi-media response to ideas of democratic election, empowerment, voting, and other themes under discussion at the event. To watch the event, go to our “Archives” page or use the Youtube link to the recording here.  Submit work by January 2, 2022 with the subject heading “Student Response to Historic Firsts in U.S. Elections” to