Brooklyn Dreamers: Aspiring Hairstylist’s who happen to be cousins

Andre Cavasier and Lauryn Fox are two cousins from the same area of East New York, Brooklyn embarking on a journey in which they both hope leads to fame. The two Brooklyn Dreamers are in the hair industry and look up to Ming Lee, owner of Snoblife Hair Studio in Atlanta, Ga. Interestingly enough, they both grew up around the same hardcore area but each come from a different walk of life. Cavasier grew up in a one-parent home in Boulevard Houses project, while Fox whom lives in a two-parent home has moved from the crime filled Linden Houses project into a two family home just blocks away. Who would have guessed that the two cousins would eventually cross paths and share a passion for hairstyling?  Continue reading “Brooklyn Dreamers: Aspiring Hairstylist’s who happen to be cousins”