Brooklyn Dreamers: Aspiring Hairstylist’s who happen to be cousins

Andre Cavasier and Lauryn Fox are two cousins from the same area of East New York, Brooklyn embarking on a journey in which they both hope leads to fame. The two Brooklyn Dreamers are in the hair industry and look up to Ming Lee, owner of Snoblife Hair Studio in Atlanta, Ga. Interestingly enough, they both grew up around the same hardcore area but each come from a different walk of life. Cavasier grew up in a one-parent home in Boulevard Houses project, while Fox whom lives in a two-parent home has moved from the crime filled Linden Houses project into a two family home just blocks away. Who would have guessed that the two cousins would eventually cross paths and share a passion for hairstyling? 


Fox a recent high school graduate that decided not to follow in her older sister footsteps and attend college followed her dreams and attended Empire Beauty School to obtain her cosmetology license. She states, “I want to be an entrepreneur and sell lipsticks, curling irons, t-shirts and be a hairstylist.” She currently holds her temporary cosmetology license and just produced her very first hair show. All Fox aspires to do is “make people feel good,” she’s not focused on competition because to her “every hairstylist work is different and unique in their own way.” How’s that for ambition? Fox is determined and has a clear path as to how she is going to turn her dreams into a reality. She tells SevenOneEight, “doing photo-shoots, my YouTube channel, hair shows and building up my website” is what is going to aid her in preparing to be a household name, a celebrity hair stylist.


With over 20k followers on instagram, Andre Cavasier is already on his way to fame. He’s recognized everywhere he goes and humbly replies when asked if he feels like a celebrity, “I do only because I know it’s so much more after this seeing people love me and cry and scream when they see me touches my heart and make me feel like a celebrity sometimes, also being giving the opportunity to do certain things like photo-shoots for hair companies or interviews etc.” Recently the online phenomenon styled a custom wig for rapper Remy Ma, his idol. All of Cavasier fans know just how much he loves and adores Remy Ma, so the 20 thousand loyal fans did not hesitate to tag Cavasier in almost all of her posts via instagram. His story is so inspiring knowing how he was brought up, but he will not be a victim of circumstance, in fact he wants to inspire others and he has this advice to give to anyone aspiring to be something great, “be you and always respect yourself, hate comes from everywhere and everyone gets it, just do you and have a mindset that is so content.”


There’s no doubt that these two Brooklyn Dreamers are destined to bring their dreams to fruition. When the time comes SevenOneEight hopes to be the first to bring the exclusive story to their fans.

Author: KAYREN