5 Elements for first time entrepreneurs

With anything, there are always key elements to helping you get further with your aspirations. In entrepreneurship, there many elements to aide you with starting your business. Below I will list what I deem the most important.

1. Research

Every entrepreneur should always stay abreast of entrepreneurial information. Whether you research online, read entrepreneurial books and materials or attend workshops, seminars and conventions; it always a keen idea to be well informed.  Continue reading “5 Elements for first time entrepreneurs”

An intimate conversation with marketing maven Karen Civil

Karen Civil is in a league of her own. From heading the marketing campaign for Beats by Dre, to maintaining rapper Lil Wayne relevancy during his incarceration to now headlining her Be You, Live Civil tour, Karen Civil is sure to be a legend in her own right.

I had the pleasure of attending Civil’s tour here in NYC for the December 11th tour date. HerAgenda owner Rhonesha Byng and Alleynyc event space in Manhattan hosted the event. Although, slated to start at 7pm the actual conversation did not begin till about a quarter after eight. Guests were becoming restless and almost turned around to leave the event, but the anticipation on meeting and hearing entrepreneur Karen Civil share her jewels on success kept them there.  Continue reading “An intimate conversation with marketing maven Karen Civil”