Writer’s Notes: Rhetorical Analysis

In my Rhetorical Analysis, I am in the process of completing my first rough draft.  I finished my zero draft, where I outlined what steps I will be taking, the audience of both my articles, and the overall purpose.  I have thoroughly annotated my 2 articles and pinpointed rhetoric and specific arguments that I will include in my writing.  I have established that I was make an argument in my paper, that my first article focuses on women being victims of domestic violence. Also, I will have a counterargument, where in my second article, the author shows that men are victims as well.  I will include in my paper that people have diverse perspectives on the topic of domestic violence and I can now educate my readers on the diverse viewpoints.  Overall, the purpose of the assignment is to take 2 articles and identify how they view a topic similarly and differently and educate others.  I hope to inform readers on my topic and I hope I will utilize rhetoric well and create a magnificent piece!