Blog #5

First of all, I have to say this article introduces so many regarding the culture of

recomposition. Especially when talking about remix, I can really see how technology

changes can affect the style of remix. It’s more open with more possibilities even in

videos, audios, or other, instead of probably “single to single” in the old time.

Therefore, when we compose our work that prepared to be recomposed by others,

it has not to be limited to certain format or structure. Instead, it can be in various

formats and it will be delivered and recomposed by other different medias either,

just like the example of “Chocolate Rain” in the article. Also, as Greek Demosthenes

emphasized three times, the most important element of rhetoric is delivery. Thus,

how the work will be delivered hugely decide how it’s going to be recomposed.

For the purpose of the work to be recomposed by readers as much as possible, I

think one important key issue will be how it can be delivered. By using different

rhetorical deliveries, the result can be very different. We have to admit that as

technology becomes more and more advanced, the way to deliver can be more

electronically. However, a lot of times readers can actually gain more understandings

of the articles, for example, by rewriting them on the papers or reading paper

version instead of electronic version. Therefore, I think sometimes is not a bad idea

to try the old style of delivery as well. In addition, we have to consider the velocity,

which is greatly depending on the way to deliver. For example, the speed to spread

something out can be different by through videos, channels, blogs, etc.

Last but not least, an important idea of recomposing is that because the reader is

recomposing the article by his or her new understanding and then more people will

read, readers can be authors at the same time.