Debates in Latin American Social Theory

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Entry Questions

Were you born in the US or Latin America? Did you migrate to New York? When? From where? Where is your ancestral land? Do you still have contact with it? Do you belong to a diasporic community here in NYC? Where is home for you?

I. Land Acknowledgment: Lenapehoking

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.What type of lives does the Lenape lead?

.How would you summarize the history of colonization and displacement of indigenous tribes in what we know now as NYC? (01:18-4:07)

Nick Estes on Manifest Destiny

.What are some of the notions of “home” and the reasoning behind the founding of the Lenape Center? (4:08-6:00)

.What critique the documentary brings forth regarding the buying of Manhattan? How does the concept of land ownership clash with the eco-ideologies of the Lenape? (6:00-8:00)

.What happened to the indigenous groups inhabiting Lanapehoking after the “purchase”? How do contemporary Lenape people protect their native heritage and resist cultural obliteration?  (8:00-12:00)

.What are Lenape people looking forward to? (12:00-13:15)

I. Dub (Selection 1)- Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Dub (Selection 1)- A.P. Gumbs

Discuss the connection between “love”, “need” and ecological balance in the poem “love bugs and starfish”