Group Work:

  • Your group should be prepared to present a preliminary “inventory of assets” for your project; a list of sources (or potential sources that you will locate) that will propel your argument. Be sure that these sources represent our distribution areas of spatial history, data mining and analysis, textual analysis, and visual and aural culture.

Model Graphical Representations of Data Around Hurricane Sandy


Joshua Brown, “History and the Web, From the Illustrated Newspaper to Cyberspace: Visual Technologies and Interaction in the Nineteenth and Twenty-First Centuries

  • “Our consciousness of the past is inextricably bound by pictures”
  • Increase in pictorial archives because of digital media
  • Images as evidence, not just extraneous/illuminate
  • Cyberspace can be immersive, encyclopedic (based on database architecture)
  • Navigating virtual space
  • Integration of info vs linkage
  • 19th century increase in pictures with text, Frank Leslie’s and Harpers
  • Narrative and story telling

Errol Morris, “Photography as a Weapon.”

  • Authenticity and manipulation of images 
  • http://fluxmachine.tumblr.com/
  • Photographs can deceive in many ways (can be as simple as changed captions)

Group Work Updates

  • Plagiarism review