Assignment due next class

Group Project discussion

Reading on Social Media and History

  • Lauren Martin, “Archiving Tweets,” Cac.ophony.org. (Read post and comments).
    • “Every public tweet, ever, since Twitter’s inception in March 2006, will be archived digitally at the Library of Congress”
    • “… Do you think tweets are something worth archiving? Are there privacy concerns? Will knowledge that your tweets will be archived change the nature of what you write? Any other thoughts or concerns?”
    • “Uncle Fred’s tweet about his failed sandwich won’t be noteworthy in isolation; but, as part part of say, a complex database compiled from millions of tweets about food habits cross-checked against location and date, I could see it being part of a scholarly argument.”
  • Jeff Howe, “The Rise of Crowdsourcing,” Wired, June 2006.
    • Examples: iStockphoto, VH1, InnoCentive (“solvers”) 
    • Factors: Power of the crowd, low barrier of entry
    • Questions: Which problems/questions require full time professionals to solve?  Which are better solved by hobbyists?
  • Bill LeFurgy, “Crowdsourcing the Civil War: Insights Interview with Nicole Saylor,” The Signal: Digital Preservation, December 6, 2011.
    • Crowd sourcing transcription
    • Scripto (CHNM)
    • Modeled on Zooniverse
    • Importance of acknowledgement and rewards for transcribers
    • “I really like how Sharon Leon, a historian at George Mason University, addressed that question in a New York Times article. ‘We’re not looking for perfect,’ she said. ‘We’re looking for progressive improvement, which is a completely different goal from someone who is creating a letter-press edition.’

Social Media and History


Blog Post by Wednesday 8 am:

  • Each group is responsible for posting its argument to the blog, and description of the evidence that will support this argument.
    • The group must then use the comments area of that post to discuss the various pieces of evidence you’ve found.
    • See this as an ongoing process that will extend through the end of the week and to which the professors will chime in, but it absolutely must be started by 8 am Wednesday, and all members of the group must be involved. This will factor into the grade for your final project.


  • Progress Report emailed earlier today
  • Parameters for final group project, individual paper, and group presentation

Audio Project Review

Social Media – Reading

  • Oscar Rosales Castañeda, “Writing Chicana/o History with the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project,” in Writing History in the Digital Age, 2012.
    • Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project
    • Project components
      • oral histories
      • films and slide shows
      • research reports
    • What is the place of historical argument (E.g., regarding segregation, diaspora, etc.) in this project?
    • What is the role of collaboration in this project?
    • How is this project social? How does it combine elements of social media with academic history?
  • Amanda Grace Sikarskie, “Citizen Scholars: Facebook and the Co-Creation of Knowledge,” in Writing History in the Digital Age, 2012.
    • The Quilt Index
    • Use of the term “Citizen Scholars”
    • What is gained in crowd sourcing a project such as this?  What is lost?  
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook for handling the social media aspect of this project?
    • What role should “lay historians” have in producing history? What is the most effective relationship between lay and professional historians? 

Final Project Progress Reports


This is a true innovative way of making a political statement, i would like to apologize in advanced if anyone finds it inappropriate in any way. Since this is a digital history class i would like to point out the idea and production of the clip rather than the actual content. In my opinion this is a work of comical art. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxch-yi14BE&w=600&h=366]

lyrics by Hugh Atkin
Can I have your attention please.
Can I have your attention please.
Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up.
I repeat. Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up.
We’re gonna have a problem here.
Y’all act like you haven’t seen a Mormon before.
Jaws down on the floor.
I’m not concerned about the very poor.
Got it wrong. Sorry. That’s not what I meant.
I want every American to be in the top one percent.
I’m really named Willard. That’s my first name.
I’m not looking for a colony on the moon. Just for someone to blame.
I like being able to fire people.
“I’m Newt Gingrich.” You’re fired.
“I’m Rick Santorum and I’m….” Fired
Boom. Boom. Boom.
“Conservative women love Mitt Romney.” And I love cars and I love lakes.
I’m running or office for Pete’s sake.
With regards to abortion. Pro-life? Pro-choice?
I firmly believe in my own singing voice.

For purple mountains’ majesty, above the fruited plain.
“Where were we at John?”

Uh… with regards to abortion… uh….
You can choose your own adventure.
It’s a Republican dementia.
And I’m more concerned about the banks: they’re unable to lend.
Corporations are people my friend.
My dog is on the roof. My dog is on the roof.
Who let the dogs out? Who? Who?
Understand I’m an exception. The Obama contraception.
Not a vulture, I’m an eagle.
Look I’m gonna get my lawn cut by illegals.
There will be an influx. Hispanic voters in trucks.
Look, if you don’t believe, I’ll tell you what, ten thousand bucks?
Well, I made a lot of money matter of factually.
I drive a couple of Cadillacs actually.
I have emotion and passion. That’s a joke for the record.
But if you want the soul of America restored,
Come on board. Take your fair share and every
Mormon wave your underwear.
Sing the chorus, papa bear.

I’m Mitt Romney. Yes, I’m the real Romney.
All the other Mitt Romneys are just mass debating.
So would the real Mitt Romney please stand up, please stand up, please stand up.

I’m Mitt Romney. Yes, I’m the real Romney.
All the other Mitt Romneys are just mass debating.
So would the real Mitt Romney please stand up, please stand up, please stand up.