Living Bibliography of Contra ( Under Construction)


  • “November 06, 2012 General Election Result” Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed, accessed December 1, 2012   Its a important  because it show the poll result of initiative 502 and the general elections.
    It show that more people voted for legalization of Marijuana than Mitt Romney.
  • “Colorado Election result Secretary of State Scott Gessler” Colorado Secretary of State Sam Reed, accessed December 1, 2012  More people voted for the Amendment 64 than either presidential Candidates.
  • TV ad ,Video “Veterans with PTSD ” Regulated Marijuana, accessed December 1, 2012. In the video, US Marine Veteran, Corporal Sean Azzariti stats that the use of Marijuana help deals with post-traumatic stress disorder he suffer after he came back from his tour in Iraq.
  • TV ad, Video, “Yes on 64 radio ad – Tom Tancredo”, ,Former Republican congressman Tom Tancredo endorsing Legalization of Marijiuana.
  • International Drug Policy Consotrtium November 17thIDPC, is a library containing over 800 publications on international drug policy. I’ve enjoyed drawing facts from the site because of the consortium’s policy of promoting objective and open debate on the subject. This offers the visitor to the site, an opportunity to read a range of biases, as well as the sites rule of all publications must be backed up by research and evidence. It does not only tackle the United States war on drugs, but international policies as well. This gives you a good basis for how our countries spending and policies compare to other world powers.
    “DRUG POLICY: LESSONS LEARNED AND OPTIONS FOR THE FUTURE”, Mike Trace, Accessed November 20thThis is a report by Mike Trace, that was commissioned by the ‘Global Commission on Drugs’. He outlines the ineffectiveness of the global prohibition efforts in regards to drugs. Also offered, are various solutions to a failed War on Drugs. Since he claims, eliminating all drug use is not possible, there needs to be a different direction international policy must take. I will draw from this source, to give viewers of our site an idea of what future policies could look like.The Global Commission on Drugs, has a team of commissioners that include former presidents, UN officials, and various people that have held prestigious positions. Recognizing the people behind the commission, helps add to the legitimacy of all findings the commission reports on.