Democrats Weigh 1968 rights pledge

by Gene Roberts, The New York Times (1851 – 2008)

This article on the New York Times is fundamental because during the 1968 elections, the civil rights movement played a big role in the running for president. As shown in this document, the plan offered would bar delegations from south if Negroes were not included and promise to uphold federal civil rights laws, this sparks cultural conflict in the elections as committee leaders find it “ubnoxious” and “evidence of discrimination”

Ap Images. Credit Associated Press

Photo Taken During Democratic National Convention of 1968, in chicago Illinois.

This photo represents cultural conflict because delegates Delegates hold up signs referring to the VietnamWar, while the democratic party is selecting the presidential candidate for 1968 presidential election. This photo shows the delegates interest to stop the war, and can make an impact in the upcoming elections of 1968.



My experience with DS106 was very interesting once I had a chance to explore it. I really like how the users are extremely creative, it is very interesting how something that is an online course and its at free will can have such a positive outcome. One thing that really caught my attention is in the INSPIRE part of the website, “We have knitted together an intimate community that is not only participating in its structure but also creating it”, it really reminded me of the objective for our class. As far as intellectual property and fair use, DS106 participants would probably agree that when using someone else work to create something new or in better words, remixing, it just gives more opportunity for someone to express themselves easier. The class understanding of the commons is demonstrated by the freedom of sharing their ideas and work of art where it can potentially be viewed by anyone. Overall, my experience with DS106 was positive and I think our professors are doing a good job at making our small class as interesting¬† as DOS106.