• Update your profile on Blogs@Baruch
    • login, then rollover the “Welcome, your name” link on the top right
    • click “Edit”
    • Fill in as much as you can, including a profile picture
  • Using the Wikipedia Doc in our course group on Blogs@Baruch, make an index of our class edits to Wikipedia. Each student must make at least one edit to an entry on a topic somehow related to the 2012 Presidential election. You can contribute to an article about Obama’s speech Thursday evening, other speeches given this week at the DNC, update an article that references last week’s RNC, or anything else you’d like within this realm. You then must list and link to your edits in our group document. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • Read Daniel J. Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig, Digital History, “Owning the Past?”

By September 3:

1) Join Digital History Group on Blogs@Baruch

2) Group edit BuddyPress doc: “Digital History Lexicon”
  • From Digital History group page, choose “docs” tab and open “Digital History Lexicon
  • If you see a warning that someone else is editing the document, leave a comment with the phrase “insert as definition for…” and then come back and clean it up (or we will).
  • Edit the document, either contributing, modifying, polishing, or illustrating with an exemplary link the key phrases listed in bold, or commenting on the doc using the comments interface below it.

3) Write a blog post of 250 or fewer words detailing the contributions/changes you made to the BuddyPress doc, and reflect on the constraints or possibilities for using this tool for collaborative work.

By September 5:

4) Create accounts, if you don’t already have them, on Twitter, Delicious, and Google (reader).

  • Send a tweet with the hashtag #baruchdh, and save at least one digital history site to your Delicious account with the tag #baruchdh

5) Complete readings: