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Welcome to our course website for ENG 2100 / Writing 1: Rhetorical Strategies for Writers, Fall 2014

The ability to think critically and write well are among the most valuable takeaways from your time in college. This course in rhetoric and composition forms part of a two-course sequence required of Baruch students as part of the CUNY Pathways required core, and follows an educational tradition going back 2500 hundred years to Aristotle.

This course introduces you to writing as a means of discovery. You’ll practice and share your written articulation of ideas as a community of writers. You’ll read a variety of intellectually challenging and thematically coherent texts in a range of genres. Throughout, the emphasis will be on writing and communication skills as processes involving multiple steps, including drafting, discussion, revision, and re-thinking. The work of the class is conducted in classroom, small-group, and one-on-one sessions.

The primary purpose of this course will be to enhance your writing skills and rhetorical sophistication, particularly with regard to argumentative prose. The goal is to prepare you not only for success in academic writing but also for effective participation in and critical understanding of the public and professional discourses of the “real” world beyond school.

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