Following are your projects for the semester, along with the weight each carries toward your final course grade, using a 100% standard grading scale.

Project Description Length Weight
Blog Posts Responses to course readings 600 words per week, average (equivalent of 2 doubled-spaced pages) 10%
Reflection Reflecting on how you’ve developed as a writer; your “writer’s story” 1,200-1,400 words (app. 4 double-spaced pages) 10%
Critical and Rhetorical Analysis* Analyzing how writers and rhetors use language and images for various purposes and effects 2,100 words (app. 6 double-spaced pages) 20%
Public Issue Argument* Researching a complex question of your choice and making a rhetorically savvy argument about your findings and thinking; will include an annotated bibliography, a formal proposal, and multiple drafts 2,800 words (app. 8 double-spaced pages) 30%
Reflecting on Your Writing An “afterword” or continuation of your Writer’s Story/Reflective writing 1,400 words (4 double-spaced pages) 10%

* Note: These projects will consist of a formal, written proposal and multiple drafts that will constitute your grade for the project. See course website for details.