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Joseph and the Quran

What purpose does the retelling of the Joseph story serve in the sections of the Qur’an you’ve read?

The purpose of retelling the story of Joseph is too highlight the virtues that we are suppose to possess as people. That is being kind, forgiven, and obedient. Joseph was obedient to God’s word despite the situation that he was is. He was able to forgive his brother’s and showered them with kindness regardless of they treated him in the past. This story was retold to show emphasis on how we are too live our lives.


Question  How is the sanctity of marriage bond portrayed throughout the narrative?

The sanctity of marriage bond is mostly portrayed as something  not highly valued in comparison to today’s standard. Countless times in the story you see characters having  many wives.  Rama’s father had a numerous amount of wives and so did the demon Ravana. It’s interesting to see when Ravana abducted Sita and told her how none of his wives could compare and how she would be his favorite if she married him. This shows that he could easily give up any of his current wives for her. Also in the beginning of the story  Rama’s mother Kausalya states how she was never treated well like how his fathers other wives were. The only true bond seen through the story is with Rama and Sita. They devoted their lives to one another and were in distress when they thought something happened to the other. Based from the text, you also see how Rama had only Sita as his wife. He was monogamous in a society where clearly polygamy was widely accepted.


Sappho and Love

Analyze a literary device–most likely an image or metaphor–or series of devices you find in Plato, Sappho, or Catullus.

Sappho’s view of love is different from that of the writers of her time. From her poems you can see that she believed two women can love one another. Even though many of her works have been lost and we are only left with fragments and incomplete poems , this would be the best assumption that could be made. In poem one, the mood of the poem allows you feel the burning passion that Sappho ( or female) has for this woman.  She starts off by pleading with the Aphrodite whom is the goddess of love to not have her heart broken. She wants to make sure that the women whom she dearly loves will love her the same way too. Asking of Aphrodite to assist her and make sure that this comes to fruition.

Poem 94 continues to highlight love between two women as like poem 1. This poem however shows an argument that happens between a Sappho and a woman she is in a relationship with. The imagery provided in the poem  highlights the beautiful moments that they shared with one another. The vivid and descriptive language used allows you to see the love they once had for one another.