Joseph and the Quran

What purpose does the retelling of the Joseph story serve in the sections of the Qur’an you’ve read?

The purpose of retelling the story of Joseph is too highlight the virtues that we are suppose to possess as people. That is being kind, forgiven, and obedient. Joseph was obedient to God’s word despite the situation that he was is. He was able to forgive his brother’s and showered them with kindness regardless of they treated him in the past. This story was retold to show emphasis on how we are too live our lives.

2 thoughts on “Joseph and the Quran

  1. I agree with you about the fact that retelling of Joseph’s story reveal virtue that we should have. By including Joseph’s story in Qur’an, it shows us that no matter what people are facing, they just need to hold on to their faith and believe in god. In addition, I think it also reveals the good side of the Joseph’s personality.

  2. Both of you were intelligent to focus on the fact that /who Joseph is/, whatever that might mean, has a great impact on the outcome of the story apart from the fact that he keeps faith with God. His kindness towards his brothers despite their betrayal of him is an important detail that I’m glad you noticed, Akeem. And I thought your use of the word “personality” was especially clever, Daisy, because Joseph is arguably one of the first great personalities in western literature.

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