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Is Othello a tragic hero or not

The definition for tragic hero is a literary character who makes a judgment error that inevitably leads to his own destruction. I think it rationally define the destiny of Othello. Othello is the protagonist and hero in the story. He won many battles and wars and earned his honor and status little by little, then eventually respected by people around him despite his race in that age. However, in the latter scene, he mistrusted Iago, the antagonist, who insinuated that his wife might cheated on him with Cassio. There are several factors caused his jealousy mainly including his race, age and lack of communication. His age is much older than his wife, Desdemona. Mostly importantly, lack of communication is the key factor caused his downfall of his honor. He eventually ended up with tragedy where he murdered his wife.

Compare the Ramayana with The Odyssey


The most apparent characteristic that Odysseus and Rama share in common is that they both represent righteousness. Odysseus is the King of Ithaca who got imprisoned by Calypso. Athena, in the first scene, persuaded Zeus to reinforce Odysseus back to Ithaca on Mount Olympus. And Rama himself is divine who is responsible to massacre demon gods, which he was requested during his venture. Therefore, on the other hand, the antagonists in both stories are assigned with evil depiction. Unlike modern stories, the antagonists in Odysseys and Ramayana are defined as evil because main characters are defined as righteousness instead of because they did evil things. Those antagonists also encountered similar treatment in proceeding plots. In Odysseys, suitors attempted to marry Penelope in order to take over the Kingdom. In Ramayana, Ravana kidnaped Sita, which created conflict for the story. In the end, both main characters killed antagonists and returned their Kingdom for throne.

Purpose of retelling the story of Joseph

Qur’an retells the stories of Jesus, Moses and Joseph, etc. Both Bible and Qur’an depicted the stories of Joseph who is the son of Jacob. He was born with the blessing of God, which conspicuously manifested by his dream of the sun, moon and eleven stars. Islam is a religion that parallel to Christianity. Bible and Qur’an are the supports for these two religions. Bible was written earlier than Qur’an, therefore, Qur’an retells some stories from many characters from Bible to make itself more convincible. The main purpose of retelling the story of Joseph could be correct what Islam believed that Bible misleading. Qur’an did not deny the existence of Joseph, instead, it retells it by adding its new elements in its atmosphere.

Plato’s symposium and Odyssey

Love is the feeling that we perceiving on daily basis but most of us are not able to give a convincing definition. The love that mentioned in Plato’s symposium is demonstrated well in Homer’s Odyssey. In Plato’s symposium, Phaedrus brought up an intriguing point in which he split general love into common love and heavenly love. Common love is basically depicting human’s vulgar desires, which mostly reflect on possession of body. In Odyssey, Calypso imprisoned Odysseus for ten years because she “love” Odysseus in “common” way, however, it is questionable that the passion that Calypso had on Odysseus is real love. Therefore, Phaedrus followed up by talked about heavenly love in which described as the passion that beyond sexual desire. Heavenly love could be knowledge, spirit, or other characteristics that bring one person to the another without the involvement of body’s desires. For example, the love that Calypso had on Odysseus may not be classified as heavenly love from my personal perspective because her imprisonment is very likely violated his will. Penelope’s love, nevertheless, shall be called heavenly love. She rejected the chance to select one of the suitors to become new King in order to receive both sexual desire and luxury life. Same as the love that Odysseus had on Penelope, he encountered various difficulties through his venture in order to go back to his city for his family. His heavenly love is demonstrated by his responsibilities and bravery.