Compare the Ramayana with The Odyssey


The most apparent characteristic that Odysseus and Rama share in common is that they both represent righteousness. Odysseus is the King of Ithaca who got imprisoned by Calypso. Athena, in the first scene, persuaded Zeus to reinforce Odysseus back to Ithaca on Mount Olympus. And Rama himself is divine who is responsible to massacre demon gods, which he was requested during his venture. Therefore, on the other hand, the antagonists in both stories are assigned with evil depiction. Unlike modern stories, the antagonists in Odysseys and Ramayana are defined as evil because main characters are defined as righteousness instead of because they did evil things. Those antagonists also encountered similar treatment in proceeding plots. In Odysseys, suitors attempted to marry Penelope in order to take over the Kingdom. In Ramayana, Ravana kidnaped Sita, which created conflict for the story. In the end, both main characters killed antagonists and returned their Kingdom for throne.