The Quran

Why does the Qur’an place such great emphasis on gardens and/or feasts?


The Quran is like the bible to people who are Muslim, it is like a belief and value system. People that truly believe in The Quran and follow what it says will then be accepted into the “Gardens”. The gardens is a sort of paradise that Muslims get to go to in their afterlife. It’s known to be this blissful place, where everything is beautiful and men and women can exist eternally. The Quran talks about feasts because after Muslims are done fasting, they feast as a form of celebration and gathering. The Quran places emphasis on this because people need to feel like they are abiding The Quran for a reason. Believers want to be accepted by God so that He may then accept them into the gardens after death. Everyone wants to get into heaven and the Quran says that in order to be accepted, they must be holy and if they sin, they must do penance.

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  1. I like your word choice “paradise.” Garden is truly beautiful, it’s used for feast. The feast represents God’s law; what people can or cannot eat.

  2. I think garden is not only the place of people’s afterlife, but the place the believers are dreaming of in their inner minds when alive. They prey something good for them and hope that their daily life can be kept into this garden.

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