The Story of Joseph – Quran

The retelling of the story of Joseph displays God’s great power. God has a plan for Joseph to become great and blesses him with the gift of interpreting dreams. Joseph’s brother’s know that Joseph is special and become jealous of him. The brother’s try to spoil God’s plan by throwing Joseph down a well. But, Egyptians rescue him from the well and bring him to Egypt as a servant. When Joseph reaches maturity, he interprets a dream of the pharaoh. Because of this dream interpretation, Joseph becomes an advisor to the pharaoh and saves all of Egypt from a famine. This shows that, “God always prevails in His purpose, though most people do not realize it.”

1 thought on “The Story of Joseph – Quran

  1. When I read through this part of the reading. I find out it is the exact same story that I have read when I was in Sunday school. The jealous and oppression from Joseph’s brothers. The bad time as a servant in Egypt. And finally the mercy and forgiveness that Joseph shows to his family when they meet at Egypt. All these stories reinforce the state of “God always prevails in His purpose…”

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