Woolf Reading Questions

What genre would you describe this text as?

What kind of tone does Woolf take? Find some examples from the text that support your answer to this question.

Identify a few places where the narrator interrupts herself. Why does she do so and what is the effect of these interruptions?

How does Woolf’s text differ from other texts that made arguments? How does it differ (and what does it share with) Enlightenment texts like those we read by Kant and Wollstonecraft?

Look at a passage where Woolf describes a natural or urban setting. How does she describe these settings? Are they important to her argument or way or writing?

Looking at chapter 3 in particular, how would you compare the way Woolf reads history with the way the Madman in “Diary of a Madman” read history?

How does Woolf’s understanding of history and the past differ from Proust’s? Are there any similarities?