Grading Rubric for Blog Assignment

Blog Posts

Note: If you miss a blog post or are unhappy with the grade, you may choose to write an optional third blog post, and I will drop your lowest grade of the three.

Does the writer:

– Provide an interpretation (close reading) of a certain aspect of the text?
– Stick closely to the text, its language, and concerns, images, characters represented in the text (as opposed to writing about the author, historical/social context, etc. or summarizing)?
– Raise or attempt to answer challenging questions?
– Use specific examples from the text?
– Pay attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, and proofreading?
– Meet the assignment’s length requirements (300-500 words)?

4-5 points: Post meets all, or most of the above criteria.

2-3 points: Post meets some, but not all, of criteria.

1 point: Post only summarizes the text, does not meet length requirements (300-500 words), and/or has major grammatical errors.

0 points: Post is not submitted on time, not relevant to the reading, or is plagiarized.


4-5 points: student has made at least three substantive, relevant comments throughout the semester.

2-3 points: student has only made two substantive, relevant comments.

1 point: student has only made one substantive, relevant comment.

0 points: student has not made any substantive comments, and/or has plagiarized a comment.