Brainwashing and Terrorism

So I chose to write about brainwashing and its affect on the advancement of terrorism, at least in this day and age. I had seen these extremely troubling videos, which are posted below, a few months ago and well, they were just ridiculously shocking. They reminded me of both the Timothy Melley article, “Brainwashed! Conspiracy Theory and Ideology in the Postwar United States,” as well as The Machurian Candidate. The videos that follow offer a new type of brainwashing that is going on. In Melley’s article, he touches on the effects of brainwashing in the same way it is portrayed in The Manchurian Candidate. He writes about how those brainwashed lose their free will, or as Edward Hunter states, “[brainwashing could literally] change a mind radically so that its owner becomes a living puppet-a human robot.” The same idea is shown in The Manchurian Candidate where we are given Staff Sergeant Raymond Shaw, who when everytime he sees a queen of diamonds playing card it triggers in him brainwashed orders, in his case, assassinations. The difference between that style of brainwashing and now is that these days the brainwashee still has to an extent some free will, however as Meerloo in the Melley articles states, “the panic of the ‘brainwashee…is the total confusion he suffers about all concepts.” Melley goes further stating that “brainwashing could ultimately cause ‘great confusion…in the mind of every observer, friend or foe. In the eend no one knows how to distinguish truth from falsehood,” which I feel is what’s happening today. These children, as you will see in the video, are being raised and almost programmed to eat, sleep, and live this ideology of hate. There is still no escape, but it all stems from this misconception of the truth, this misinformation being funneled into their brain from the beginning of life. Instead of there being triggers behind their actions, instead they are fueled by misunderstandings, and misallocation of resources. There is this growing confusion over what is right and wrong. The brainwashee only knows the world they are thrown into, and anything otherwise is wrong.

These were the first videos I saw. They show two young children who were brainwashed to not only hate Jews and other infidels, but call for their genocide. It is so scary just the thought that there are some misguided extremist groups raising their children to be terrorist, to be mini-Hitler’s. One can only imagine what this could mean for our future. What is to come? What can we do? We have a saying here in America that “children are our future,” now what kind of future are we supposed to have when there is so much hate?

This video deals with even more ways that these children are being brainwashed. Not only are they getting it from their parents and those around them, but now there are cartoon characters being created to teach these kids how to hate. What kind of cartoon character tells children about eating Jews? About killing infidels? It fills me with so many emotions; it is coming to a point where hearing about a suicide bomb is normal, where I secretly look around my surroundings when I am at a well known or crowded place. Even sadder though is the way these extremist make the rest of the Islamic faith look. It is not fair to those who follow the true teachings of the Quran, not this hate-filled attack on all those who are different from them. Not only is this fear felt within in our country, but within the Middle Eastern countries as well. I watched a play, Aftermath, last year which dealt with Iraqi refugees fleeing from the Iraq war and government. The play was amazing, and I would recommend watching it. Ben Brantley wrote a review for it in the New York Times here:
null take a look.

4 thoughts on “Brainwashing and Terrorism

  1. wow great post! Lots of food for though here…and emotion.
    I feel like your post is associated with previous posts about commercial brainwashing of kids by Christy DaBreo, and also somewhat with Sting’s song “Russians”.
    It is just scary to comprehend the idea of a whole nation being educated from zero, raised with this hatred. Children are raised not to know anything besides this hatred, it is just a given now. The scariest part is that the children are being targeted – the innocent children. The control every parent has over a child is tremendous – huge responsibility to raise a human being. When doing so, don’t you want to instill the best values and morals and teach them what is right? Can you only imagine how strongly these people believe in violence as a key to everything, and in evil neighbors, and so on? So strongly as to pass it on to their children, to write up on a blank slate of their minds, that these things are facts and must be employed in any decision making.
    I think this is an easier part of brainwashing- just target vulnerable, highly excitable children, who don’t have the ability to evaluate flow of information.

  2. Wow, thank you for posting this powerful post, and bringing to light some of the realities that most people are ignorant about in today’s day and age. The “education” of children about hatred and murder from such a young age is sickening, and we must not turn a blind eye to the horrors it causes.

  3. It’s a scary thought: what these parents and adults are teaching their children to be their second nature. They might not think anything is wrong with it. In addition, the adults probably had it engrained in their minds when they were little as well. It’s really hard to fight the way “things just are” in other parts of the world.

  4. Perhaps. Recent events however, Bibi Netanyahu’s defiant announcement that Zionist settlements will continue to be built in Jerusalem, on land confiscated from Palestinians who were forceably evicted last year, that the UN has repeatedly called war crimes, to which Zionists have responded that they are ‘Chosen of God’ and that ALL Jerusalem belongs to them in fee simple, even the mosques, which the Zionists hope to tear down.

    I have a hunch if the UN declared the area around San Antonio as Chosen of God for the Mexicans who first settled the Spanish Territories, and returned the Alamo and Monterey in California to the Catholic Church of Spain, then Mexicans began pouring into Texas and California, forceably evicting white Americans and building Mexican barrios in their place, changing the national language to Spanish, and denying Americans the vote, you can bet your sweet bippie the skinhead militias would be all over the TV with their little white kids dressed in camo, exorting their audience to commit genocide on Mexicans.

    I’d rather my kids were raised like that boy in the first video, to know what’s really going on, than be dumbed down and stupefied, to spend all his time playing video war games, while the international capitalists steal his inheritance, then send him off to fight Muslims.

    $159,000,000,000 next year for UNDISCLOSED national security purposes, all of it unfunded Federal debt, with interest and no pay-back plan, then $159,000,000,000 the year after, then another $159,000,000,000 the year after, to ‘fight’ what the CIA itself estimates are only 25,000 Taliban hillbillies and not even 100 Al-Qa’ida still left in the region.

    $636,000,000 a year per Taliban, and you’re sweating some Palestinian kid on TV!?

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