Throughout the semester we have analyzed the various ways fear, anxiety and paranoia are invoked in our minds. We learned that while for some such feelings are triggered by complex psychological scenarios, others can get scared by mere images full of blood and gore. We tried to understand what makes us humans so fascinated with violence and torture of our own species. I consider myself a rather compassionate and humane being, yet I cannot explain the rush of excitement that fills me when I watch another sequel of SAW. I reassure myself that it is mere curiosity, because I could never enjoy such a horrific image if I knew it was real.
But what about young kids who do not yet understand the thin line between reality and fiction? Should they be protected from seeing such movies on TV? Censorship based on age is a big topic in America, as scientists continue to argue whether it really desensitizes kids and makes them more cruel. When I was a kid we played war and pretended to kill each other as a joke. Has media taken it to another level? Or is it all about responsible parenting and the right explanation can prevent a child from drawing the wrong conclusion from what he sees.

Last week my nephew, who is only 5 years old came over our house. He was very excited to show me a new game on the computer. Having the most primitive graphics, the sole effect of the game is its creativity. The premise of the game is to find various ways to release your anger by murdering your boss. The game is incredibly cruel and at time my laughter turned into shock. My nephew on the other hand, was dying from laughter. I wondered what was going through his head and how he perceives the concepts of pain and death. I was sure that he doesn’t have full understanding of what he sees on screen after he asked me if Chucky was real and began to cry asking me to stay by his side.
What do you think? How protected should our young children be? Are we overreacting or on the contrary, should we be taking this subject more seriously? While you’re at it enjoy the game, for the mature adults that we are! And if you have any piled up anger agaisnt your boss, here’s a great way to release it!
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3 thoughts on “IS CHUCKY REAL?

  1. Wow. Your 5 year old nephew showed you this game? That is sick and disturbing. I’ve always had the feeling that kids these days are growing up too fast, being exposed to too much and that their manners and innocence are going down the drain. I miss the times when children are curious and just being kids. I do think they should be protected to a certain extent– not suffocated. If they are suffocated and not allowed to learn anything on their own, I feel that it would make them act out even more and learn stuff outside of the parental realm.

  2. I agree with Jenny that kids these days are exposed to too much. I have two younger brothers, and specially the one who is 12 loves all those violent games. It worries me because while he is playing he starts screaming and becomes angry. There are times he throws his control. I have had fights with him about controlling himself. If he is doing that now, he might do something worse when he gets “angry”, just because he is so into it. I feel its the violence in the games that play a role in his reaction. I feel he shouldn’t play those games, for they are rated matured, but at the same time i know that is impossible. So many kids play these games and it is “ok” since it is just a game..i know my parents think like this.

  3. This obviously shouldn’t be played by a 5 year-old. I don’t doubt that the reactions of any child who plays violent video games is because of the exposure they receive. I can understand playing violent video games with zombies and monsters in them but this game is about killing your boss. The boss is a real person; one day, that child might rebel against higher authority, whether it be their parents, teachers, or anyone else. They think it’s okay to do it in real life since they do it games anyway. That’s why games for video game consoles have ratings on it; unfortunately, kids still get their hands on such games. As for this game, since it’s on the internet, it’s impossible to control who’s actually playing it since it’s open to everyone.

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