18 thoughts on “CRACK VS OPIOID

  1. The first part would be a documentary I would actually watch, the editing, music and voice over was great. Then the transition to the second part gave the topic a more serious tone. The first part draws you in and the second part further discuss this topic. This was great!

  2. well done! I remember learning about this in class but you did an amazing way of showing the difference in the crack vs opiod epidemic

  3. I thought the comparison between the handling of the opioid crisis and the crack epidemic was a smart move. I dislike racial prejudice. I PROMISE.

  4. Great video. The first few clips were very heartbreaking to see. I think Dr.Umar greatly explained how the War on Drugs was a way to hurt and diminish Black Americans instead of helping them.

  5. I love how you included the difference in the government’s approached to the crack epidemic versus the opioid crisis. It emphasizes the mistreatment of black people in the justice system. The government was willing to further widen racial relations between the white and black community to perpetuate its white superiority propaganda.

  6. I like the interview with many people who have experienced this epidemic first hand, it really brought this issue as something to be worried about

  7. I like how you connected the 2 clips together to make the video cohesive. I like that the videos were super informative and it makes me want to do my own research on the topic

  8. There’s a certain effect in using realistic clips instead of cartoonish scenes, as it roots you in the mindset that this is very real, and it is part of history. I liked how informative the video was.

  9. The information presented along with the graphics keep me intrigued all throughout while being educated on the epidemic of opium/crack.

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