17 thoughts on “Zoom Apocalypse

  1. This was amazing! I thought this was an actual movie trailer and you just found this and put it up as your remix. The editing was really impressive and fluid. I would watch this as a full movie.

  2. I really like the length of the video. It is not to long that it feels like it drags on but not too short. This trailer makes me want to learn more about the topic.

  3. I like the correlation between the effects of zoom and that being comparable to zombies. Right now I feel like a zombie. #bless

  4. this was a really good trailer, my initial thought at first was the you just took a clip from world war z but then when i saw the different clips i was very intrigued.

  5. For this just being a project I thought your commercial is very well put together / edited, it grabs your audience’s attention and almost every person can relate to this seeming as we all experienced the ill effects of covid and zoom become so relied on.

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