12 thoughts on “The Hidden truth

  1. The silence really plays into your argument. The beginning videos that sit in silence makes people face reality and the impacts of their actions. Amazing!

  2. I agree with Ada, the silence forces us to pay attention to what we’re watching. The greenwashing is also super important and relevant to our world now!! Really informative and interesting 🙂

  3. i love the different clips that you added to you video it all went well together. I didn’t know that people are trying to have the planet using reusable tote bags yet the tote bags are also causing a damage to the environment due to its use of water and cotton.

  4. I love how you edited different clips and it’s so sad how the human population is destroying its own home. I feel bed for the next couple of generations when things get out of hand and I wish and hope we change.

  5. I’m shocked by this because I though reusable bag were helping the environment. A lot of companies rather create a false brand identity than try to take the appropriate steps to make the world safer and cleaner.

  6. Really great remix. The amount of plastic waste output is far greater than recycling, which is extremely harmful to the environment, but we know that the method of environmental protection is still controversial.

  7. I loved this video because pollution is a large issue the entire world is dealing with right now. I actually did not know it was more harmful to use reusable bags than helpful. Great video.

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