9 thoughts on “Fighting an Invisible Enemy

  1. I like this video, you did a good job collecting different clips to illustrates many people unawareness about mental health and how it actually is an issue that isn’t talked about enough.

  2. Loved this video. Mental Health should be taken more seriously. Many people struggle with mental health and it not only affects them but also the people around them.

  3. I love the title! It definitely defines mental health. The stigmas surrounding the topic prevents a lot of people, especially teenagers, from getting help.

  4. I loved the way you matched the in a way to tell the audience the struggles of mental health. The clip with the girl on the bus really hits mental health right on the spot. Although everything around her seems normal. On the inside she is struggling with anxiety.

  5. I like it, the pace of urban life is accelerating, and with it comes a mental emptiness. Mental health needs to be taken seriously.

  6. I love the editing of this video. The way the screen turned black after every clip shown made me very engaged and interested in what was going to show up next. I like your topic a lot because covid-19 impacted many people and it is not taken seriously because of those that do not believe in mental health.

  7. The editing and clips along with the text keep my constant attention all throughout, I love the clips you included too, help depict your topic.

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