should i drop out?


hope u love it! i wrote my research paper about how much college sucks and your mental health deteriorated over the course of my first semester. enjoy!!

14 thoughts on “should i drop out?

  1. I really liked the ending of this video. I honestly agree with you on that. College is very difficult, so we should learn what we need to prioritize.

  2. I really enjoyed the last bit and can relate a lot. Going to college you have some hope it won’t be that bad and then boom you get hit with all these assignments with so little time to complete.

  3. I really enjoyed your video because you documented so many important times throughout your college journey so far. I especially loved the clips of your gym journey and your choice of audios in specific parts of the video.

  4. I really liked this video, it shows the reality of what students go through and the stress the endure but I don’t know you personally but I hope you find what are striving for.

  5. I really love this video, this video made me think about my life and my goals. As I was watching your video, I see how hard you were working out and now it motivate me to work out as well. I kind of got a little emotional, because I missed when I used to go to the gym but now Im just stressed with school. But AMAZING JOB, NEVER GIVE UP!!

  6. I love how realistic this is! It truly captures the mental state for a lot, if not most, college students. Mental health is not talked about enough in college and that is why the amount of course work is not regulated.

  7. I really like how you included us as you went about your day, I thought that was super cool. I also enjoy how realistic your video was.

  8. I love that this video was kind of like a window into your life as a college student. It is personal and relatable.

  9. Mental health is so important and many of us college students are so overwhelmed with out work, we forget to take care of that part of ourselves. I honestly agree with your message, and your title is very attention grabbing.

  10. I love this style of video it honestly reminded me of a tik tok day in my life of like a college student. Although this video is in more of a positive light in the beginning displaying your day by day events, we see how busy it can be and your personal piece at the end kinda shed the reality behind the beauty of it.

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