14 thoughts on “The Hidden Truth of Our Prison System

  1. I love this TikTok. It’s so on trend and funny. Ik it’s not supposed to be funny, but the way it was portrayed was so humorous.

  2. Your message is super clear in this short-paced TikTok video. It will definitely get more people to engage with this very important topic about America’s prison system.

  3. I love how the video went straight to the point and the illustrations help depict the problems with the prison system as you describe in the caption.

  4. This format or style of the remix is short, straight to the point and gives viewers a different perspective on the prison and also it’s shortness leaves open for viewers to expand on and share own ideas. I personally agree that the prison system in many ways is used as a form of oppression. Mike from stranger things made me chuckle, very popular trend.

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