12 thoughts on “Gentrification in NYC

  1. It’s a good topic and no one really talks about it even when it is important and affects many. This video provides views of those who went through gentrification and their lives now. No one talks to the homeless and their views but this video showed their perspective too. It’s unique.

  2. I love the homeless clips and their opinion on this topic because they are first-hand accounts. But it is so sad how bad gentrification is and the government doesn’t do a damm thing to help this issue. My local shopping center is being gentrified.

  3. Great Video. I think gentrification is a huge problem because it pushes long-term residents out of their homes and eliminates cultural diversity. The clips of homeless people talking about gentrification were very sad

  4. I love your topic, gentrification is such a huge issue that many people are going through right now, many families are being pushed out of their homes, as well as rent being raised in order to push these families out

  5. The picture with the lady of sign “now that the neighborhood is nice why do I have to move”, perfectly sums up gentrification.

  6. I love that you include a lot of interview like clips from those who are being affected by gentrification personally. It makes a greater impact on the viewer.

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