A Favorite Childhood Toy

If you’ve ever played with a Perplexus, then you might understand what this is. Back when I was in elementary school I made well a bootleg version of a Perplexus. Within a cardboard box, I made an obstacle course for a marble. It had all sorts of slides and corners and steps and stuff and you had to tilt, shake, and flip the box to help the Mable to the finish line. When I had utilized all available space within the box, I decided to poke a hole on the bottom of the box and taped another to its underside. The ball would drop through the whole and there was a little nook to capture it on the other side. You then had to quickly flip the box over so the marble does not fall out and could continue the path on the other side. Anyways I liked it, it was fun to play with, and I was really proud because I it with my own two hands.

Useless item

In class we designed a useless amalgamation of a spoon, fork and cup.

This iteration now includes the spatula. I have made it even more useless because even if someone manages to get through the security layers the items found inside are molded to the safe itself. The cup is molded face down so it is entirely inaccessible. The fork is combined with a spatula on its tips but also molded face down and the little spoon attached to the side is now on an axis and always pivots downward so that the cupping side is always facing down rending its food catching abilities useless if it was ever big enough to hold a grain of quinoa in the first place.

About Me

Hi everybody,

I’m not too sure what to say here – perhaps because I am an ever morphing being that only exists here for this particular moment on this particular website as I write this as and will just as quickly move on to whatever else and whoever else I am once I’m done – or perhaps because I am not even sure what I the definition of me is. About me. What about me? Is “me” the traits that persist throughout time or is me the being that I am here and now in the present. Is me the things I do or the things I think or perhaps none of the above. Is me where I live or where I grew up? Perhaps it is all me. Perhaps this paragraph is me. Then again, you catch me on a different day, for a different class, on Perusall, and you would get a far different blurb. Business Arron does business Arron well. This is the point of this class no? Restructuring our brains to think of things in a different manner and what a better place to start than with who I am. So let’s get back to it. About me: