The London Design Festival

This year’s London Design Festival opens from September 14 to Sept. 22, this is an annual event hold to show that London is the design capital around the world. There are many destinations we should not miss during the festival.

1.The Victoria and Albert Museum


Omer Arbel’s eight-story-high “28.280” chandelier

The Wind Portal

“The Wind Portal” by Najla El Zein, a wall of 5,000 paper windmills.

“God Is in the Details”

2.The Endless Stair

Escher-inspired structure

Escher-inspired structure about 25 feet high

3.Southbank Center

The world’s largest lava lamp

The world’s largest lava lamp which is celebrating the British company Mathmos’s 50th birthday

4.The Serpentine Pavilion

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, a playful white jungle gym of a structure


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