Idea Bounces

Pitching your research idea/project

The goal of the session is to help presenters with a research idea/project where they are perhaps not sure how to proceed, have an issue – or just want to hear what others think about it. The idea is not to give a full presentation on a well-developed research paper, but to get constructive and developmental feedback from the group.

If you have a research project that you would like to present:

  • Please prepare a 5 minute presentation for 1 research project (3 slides max., or none)
  • Please focus on one major issue or point where you need help or ideas (e.g. “I do not know which theoretical framework to use”, “ I do not know where to get the data from”, “I do not know which methods to use”, “I got this reviewer feedback and I do not know how to address this”, etc.). It is completely up to you which major point you would like to discuss with the group.

Each presentation will be followed by a 5-10 minute discussion and brainstorming session in order to help you with your research project. Thus, please feel free to share even “undone” work – we are all happy to brainstorm on your research.