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We exceeded our own expectations in the Spring 2018 semester

If you make your midterm video available on your LinkedIn profile your classmates will be able to find it. I am also hoping to list your videos with this blog post. If you would like me to include yours please send me an email giving me permission to do so.
For the past 2 years all of my students created YouTube video analyses that may give them a means of achieving internet fame as well as academic excellence. Millennials peruse and contribute to Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and other types of social media on a daily basis so creating videos of their Tableau visualizations could be a compelling form of edutainment for them. Capturing a viral video is an elusive goal that many young people pursue with tremendous enthusiasm. In my grading comments I congratulated Research Methods students who picked topics that are so compelling that I felt like I was learning in two dimensions. Having explanations of Tableau/Excel features interspersed with insights about topics that really do matter to me on a personal or intellectual basis keeps me on the edge of my seat literally.
Things got particularly interesting for me when a few people drilled down into the data to show what is happening with a very small subset of the data. I told one of my students that perhaps this is because I feel like we can solve the problem if we just understand how it impacts a smaller community. The videos with the research question stated right at the beginning were the easiest to review. As you read and watch analyses you will begin to appreciate what an excellent organizing principle a research question is. Here is one example of the midterm video a current student created for BUS 410, Research Methods in Business at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. If you check back tomorrow there may be a few more examples that I am sure will be of interest to you. If you like the video please leave a comment.

Dale Beaumont’s video

Here is Xiao Zhang’s blog with his embedded video.  This is an outstanding video that is worthy of your attention:

Biancamaria Billington’s video

Sage Lastimosa’s video

Daniel Kisin’s video

Christopher Bonet’s video

Eva Law

Wenbin Lin

Mengmeng Liang