Monthly Archives: December 2022

Productive Struggle makes your learning last longer

My Fall Spreadsheet Applications in Business class and I faced several confounding challenges this semester.  We carried out investigations that took up time outside of class, asked other people who have expertise in Excel for help and worked together during class to find a solution. 
Our class sessions were not routine, we experienced discoveries together, because everybody made a contribution the connections between us will last beyond this semester.  The City University of New York does not have a Power BI license so even though we were working in a lab classroom students had trouble accessing Power BI …. until we figured out a workaround.  I am excited because my future classes can build on the workarounds we created for Power BI.  Later in the semester we figured out how to complete a Solver Watershed Management Goal-Programming Problem. 
When students and instructors engage in productive struggle the learning lasts longer.  It is like doing a work out that makes you sweat versus a workout that doesn’t make you sweat.  You feel like you accomplished more when you actually had to exert yourself.

Here are four students’ outstanding videos from our Fall 2022 semester:

Michelle Liang

Benny Xu

Shuai Jin

Sean Gonzalez

Thanchanok Sriwong

Tenzin Sherpa

My Fall 2022 CUNY School of Professional Studies also created outstanding videos:

Leslie Kelly

Veronica Edwards Thomas

Rodolfo Santos Moncada