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Career exploration

I went to a workshop called resume writing on October 27, 2009. They sent an e-mail saying that we have to dress up for this workshop so I actually followed the instruction, and dressed up with a formal vest, a button down shirt, and pants.  However, very few people dressed up and they didn’t care about it. It really made me upset because since I had to wear uncomfortable clothes all day long for nothing. The lady explained to us how to write the resume. Since I had many different jobs and did write the resume before, I knew what they were talking about. They told us good vocabularies to catch the attentino of employers that we can use in our resume and it was very helpful. I think this work shop was very helpful and organized. I actually learned a lot of things from this work shop. And they also said we can visit the STARR career department and by visiting it, it would help me getting jobs by letting them know that I’m there to get a job. Since I’m a freshman, I don’t feel the need of getting a job. I have a part-time job in Manhattan right now but it is not my major career. Later on when I’m looking for a job or an intership, I will definitely visit that organization and get some help. I would definitely recommend this work shop to my friends.

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