Reading and conversation with Joseph O Connor

On October 20, 2009, I visited a workshop called reading and conversation with Joseph O Connor. When I got there, they provided us cheese and sodas, which was really good. And the cheese was very good at first time, but later on, I got tired of it. I couldn’t continue eating that. And soda was a little too flat. Anyways, as I was eating the refreshments, I listened to Joseph O Connor. Well, firstable, it was very boring. I just sat down there doing nothing for two hours. He didn’t talk to the audience but felt like he was just talking to himself. He read his poems and excerpts from his writings and that was very monotonous. And after bearing two hours, I couldn’t find anyone to sign my passport for freshman seminar requirements. So I just took a picture of myself in that hall. There were cameras filming the author and the audience, which was not a very good idea since no one really was engaged in the conversation. Few people from other organizations, talked to him but it was not interesting. I wouldn’t recommend this workshop to anyone who does not enjoy literature. I was there with four of  my friends but no one liked it.

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